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60,000PCS Layer Chicken Cage Project In Lahore Pakistan

Project Information

Project Background

This is a layer farm project located in Lahore, Pakistan. The farm owner has over 20 years of experience with the poultry business, they already have 200,000pcs birds on the farm.

Customer Requirement

This is an expansion of the poultry farm, they want the new farm to be fully automatic in order to reduce human labor.

60,000PCS Layer Chicken Cage Project In Lahore Pakistan

Project Solution

After check the details of our equipment, they finally choose to cooperation with us, since it is a 60,000pcs project in one shed, and the temperature in Pakistan can up to 50 Celcius degrees, therefore we offer an auto control solution with a fiber glass shed, it can reduce the electric cost.

Equipment Details

This whole project is equipped with a fully automatic system, including:
* Layer Chicken Cage system;
* Auto drinking system;
* Auto feeding system;
* Auto egg collection system;
* Auto manure removal system;
* Auto ventilation system;
* Lighting system;
* Auto control system.

Advantage Of The Solution

The main advantage is that the cage is that it can reduce the mortality of the bird, allows the farm produce more eggs, bring more profits. The feeding trolley system can reduce feed waste, the manure removal system can keep the shed clean, so that less hazard to the bird caused by ammoina.

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