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20,000pcs Layer Chicken Cage Project In Nairobi Kenya

Project Information

Project Background

Demeter offers poultry farm solutions based on customer situation and country situation. This customer is from Kenya, the farm is the heritage from his father, it is an old type layer farm. Customers want to convert into a modern poultry farm with a chicken cage system.

Customer Requirement

They require a high-quality standard chicken cage for modern farms, in order to reduce human labor, they want the system to be automatic.

20,000pcs Layer Chicken Cage Project In Nairobi Kenya​
20,000pcs Layer Chicken Cage Project In Nairobi Kenya​

Project Solution

After negotiation with the customer, Demeter got a detail of the farm. Demeter offers a feasible solution after discussing it with the engineering team. Since Kenya is at the perfect temperature, the solution is with an open chicken shed.

Equipment Details

The equipment is the auto system, it is equipped with A type 4 Tier layer chicken cage, each cage can load 120pcs birds. Auto feeding system, auto drinking system, and auto belt manure removal system can help the farm operate with 2-3 workers.

Advantage Of The Solution

With great satisfaction, an A-type layer chicken cage can help customers reduce investment, less human labor to reduce the potential infection rate. In the meantime, it can reduce chicken shed costs. Automatic feeding systems help customers reduce feed waste. Only need extra labor for egg collection.

20,000pcs Layer Chicken Cage Project In Nairobi Kenya​

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