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18,000PCS Layer Chicken Cage Project In Tibet China

Project Information

Project Background

This is one of the commercial layer farms in Tibet China. Customer run a layer farm with chicken cage, they already have a stock of 20,000pcs, need to expand another shed 18,000pcs

Customer Requirement

Since the temperature in Tibet can reach to below 1 degrees, the shed is closed type, therefore they need automatic battery chicken cage system

18,000PCS Layer Chicken Cage Project In Tibet China

Project Solution

A type of chicken cage is with hot-dip galvanizing material, it is with 275g/m2 zin rate cover, it can protect the cage from rusting for over 15 years.

Equipment Details

This whole project is equipped with a semi-automatic system, including:
* Chicken Cage system;
* Auto drinking system;
* Auto feeding system;
* Auto manure removal system;
* Auto ventilation system;
* Lighting system.

Advantage Of The Solution

The gantry feeding system can feed the 3 lines at the same time, with no need for extra labor for the feeding procedure, in the meantime, it can reduce feed waste.
Belt manure removal system can deliver the manure outside the chicken shed, basically smell-free.

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